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 Job Information 
  Job Title: #9069 - Safety Officer
  Category: Professional/Management
  Career Center: External
  City/Town: Philadelphia
  Location: Administration Group
  Type of Assignment: Permanent
  Position Type: Full Time
  Start Date: 11/30/2012
  End Date: 12/4/2012

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: Bachelors
  Years of Work Experience: 5

 Job Description 
SEPTA serves Philadelphia, the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery as well as many parts of Delaware and New Jersey. One of Delaware Valley's largest employers, SEPTA is proud of its workforce numbering nearly 9,000. Our dedicated employees work diligently as a team to provide consistent, reliable and safe transportation service to over 300 million passengers annually.

SEPTA operates over 80 million vehicle miles of service a years on routes totaling 2,750.

Salary $59K to 73K


The Safety Officer will coordinate and cooperate with all levels of Authority management and labor union safety committees to provide expert staff assistance toward identifying, quantifying and prioritizing line management's prevention of operational health, safety and ergonomic hazards. The Safety Officer's work effort will be concentrated in five Safety Areas; Environmental, Operational, Fire/Life, Construction, and Accident Investigation. The Safety Officer should be experienced in each of these areas and will be expected to perform assignments in any of the five areas. However, the needs of the Department may warrant a job posting to require specific proficiency in one area more than another. The Director of System Safety and/or Manager will make this determination based on the current needs of the Department and Authority at the time of posting.


Operational Safety

1. Facilitate and assist investigations of Authority's operational systems by FRA, NTSB, FTA, and APTA.

2. Implement and facilitate PennDot's RTSRP (Rail Transit Safety Review Program).

3. Supervise, train and indoctrinate Safety Interns in an assortment of operational safety functions. These interns represent a variety of operational divisions, depots, and districts throughout the Authority.

4. Inspect regularly, Authority operations and equipment to assure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. Recommend cost effective enhancements to the existing safety programs.

5. Conduct compliance audits of Operational Rules and Practices. Must be knowledgeable in SEPTA's operating rules.

6. Participate in vehicle and equipment safety assessments.

7. Review Engineering Change Notices (ECNs) and equipment specification revisions.

8. Conduct Vehicle Maintenance audits and inspections to include both vehicle components and inspection records.

9. Participate in JHSC and LSC activities.

10. Participate in Safety Certification and Configuration Management Processes.

11. Plan, develop and conduct safety awareness campaigns for employees, passengers and the public including safety blitzes and the Operation Lifesaver program.

Occupational Safety

1. Conduct audits and surveys to determine various work groups that are exposed to confined spaces. Provide annual training to exposed work groups and conduct periodic compliance checks to ensure compliance.

2. Periodically assist other Safety Officers with SEPTA's Asbestos and Lead Control Program.

3. Manage and provide training on the Right-to Know program requirements and ensure program is implemented on an annual basis.

4. Conduct safety audits and inspection in accordance with OSHA standards 1910. Identify corrective actions and recommend cost effective enhancements to existing work practices and safety programs.

5. Conduct Job Hazard Analysis.

6. Conduct facility surveys to determine work duties that require personal protective equipment. Verify PPE is properly being utilized.

Fire/Life Safety

1. Conduct Fire Inspections of Authority facilities, stations and tunnels, and advise management of all fire prevention codes and standards. Assure responsible managers carry out necessary corrective actions.

2. Organize annual emergency evacuation drills with outside agencies to maintain emergency preparedness.

3. Conduct Audits of Fire Life Safety equipment; fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, etc.

4. Participate in, and support the Emergency Management Committee.

5. Work with Insurance underwriters to ensure loss controls are implemented.

6. Ensure Authority infrastructure and physical plant improvement projects maintain compliance with the NFPA standards, the International Fire Code and any codes required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

7. Serve as the Authority's liaison by interacting with Fire Agencies in the SEPTA territory including the Philadelphia Fire Department, and Upper Darby Fire Department.

Construction/Electrical Safety

1. Periodically review safety plans and inspect on site activity of third party construction contractors to ensure compliance with OSHA Standards and Company programs in the above mentioned areas of safety.

2. Review Construction design documents to identify potential safety hazards and exposures, and ensure documents provide for proper engineering controls.

3. Conduct field safety audits of internal and third party construction activities in accordance with OSHA 1926 and SEPTA's Construction safety support program.

4. Review and approve Electrical Standard Operating Procedures.

5. Work directly with all power related departments to ensure the work force is complying with all SOPs, safety programs and requirements of NFPA 70E. When necessary, implement corrective action plans addressing deficiencies identified during field observations.

6. Investigate work related injuries that are a result of Construction and/or Power-related activity.

7. Conduct process audits of the Infrastructure departments to ensure all inspection and maintenance protocols are being conducted in accordance with developed protocol and proper records of work activities are properly developed and filed.

Rail Equipment Maintenance/Inspection and Engineering

1. Principle duties will focus on Operational Safety with an emphasis on rail vehicle systems, engineering and maintenance. The position will also support department activities in Occupational Safety, Fire Protection, Construction Hazard Management and Accident Investigation.

2. Develop and manage the Department's vehicle inspection and maintenance process audit program, with initial emphasis on rail vehicle maintenance activities. (per FTA 49 CFR 659 requirements). Specific focus will be on audits and maintenance record checks.

3. Facilitate the Departments Hazard Management Program by working with VEM-Rail to identify and evaluate safety hazards on rail equipment and develop strategies to eliminate the hazards through administrative and /or engineering controls.

4. Review Engineering Review Engineering Change Notices (ECNs) Equipment Specification Revisions and new vehicle specifications.

5. Participate in Safety Certification and Configuration Management Processes as it pertains to rail equipment procurement, manufacturing and start up.

6. Investigate rail equipment incidents and accidents to evaluate for contributory factors such as component failures, maintenance deficiencies or mean distance failures.

7. Conduct Maintenance Procedure reviews and Job Safety Analysis to ensure that vehicle inspection and maintenance procedures maximize and incorporate safe work practices.

8. Serve as the Department's technical liaison with the Pennsylvania Rail Transit Safety Review Program (PRTSRP) relative to rail vehicle issues including but not limited to, inspections, and maintenance programs, procedures, protocols; State inspection reviews and updates; hazardous conditions; and participate in independent audits conducted by the PRTSRP.

9. Assist SEPTA's Fire Marshal to investigate rail equipment fires, and ensure equipment complies with all regulatory safety requirements, including NFPA130, FRA part 238 and FTA guidelines.

Accident Investigation

1. Investigate significant accidents and injuries with the cooperation of line management. Use specialized equipment and knowledge to reconstruct and analyze accident and other occurrences. Prepare final reports and recommendations where required.

2. Analyze equipment condition and vehicle response, evaluate human factors and fatique related issues and its relativity to crash avoidance.

3. Provide on-call coverage for all Authority operations and activities upon emergency notification of accident and injury. Immediately investigate those incidents based on the severity and significance of the received incident report. Assure that all regulatory notifications are met in a timely manner.

4. Provide Manager of Accident Prevention and Investigation and/or the Director, System Safety and Risk Management with an on scene synopsis of the accident or incident being investigated.

5. Document evidence and generate chain of custody as required by department procedures.

6. Audit operating manager's accident and injury reports to assure adequacy of investigation and taken to prevent recurrence. Prepare trend analysis and other special reports based on these accidents. Follow up to assure that proposed remedial action has been implemented.


1. Maintain professional currency in health, safety and ergonomic disciplines particularly subjects related to transportation, by regular review of safety publications; membership in appropriate professional safety organizations; and attendance at appropriate safety, and health seminars. Develop a communication network with safety and health professionals at other transportation agencies.

2. Serve as Acting Manager.

3. Promote and enforce the Authority's Safety Policy and System Safety Program Plans.

4. Maintain all records and data in all related areas and manage files in accordance with department filing system.

5. Perform any other duties as assigned by the AGM, Public and Operational Safety and/or the Directory of System Safety, and/or Manager, Operational Safety and/or Manager, Accident Prevention & Investigation, and/or Manager Occupational Safety & Environmental Management.


B. S. Degree in related health & safety, environmental or engineering disciplines, plus five (5) to seven (7) years experience in health and safety or related field required.

An equivalent combination of education and experience (two (2) years of related experience equating to one year of post high school education) may be considered in lieu of the degree requirement.

Note that emphasis of experience and education may be tailored on the posting to reflect a specific area of safety (i.e. Operational Safety, Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire/Life Safety, Construction/Electrical Safety, Rail Equipment and Maintenance Safety, Accident Investigation).

Strong knowledge of the OSHA, ERA, FTA NFPA and PennDot regulations.

Experience in Public Transportation Operations preferred.

Must demonstrate the ability to pursue/perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Must have a strong understanding of union and management environment, and demonstrate the ability to properly and appropriately address health and safety matters directly to union employees.

Must be able to review and analyze accident data and participate in the development of Action Plans to resolve complex safety and health issues.

Must be able to satisfy rigorous and demanding work schedules, which include non-traditional working hours, and short term deadlines.

Must have excellent verbal and strong technical writing skills.

Must have PC experience with MS Word and Excel. Experience in VMIS, SMART, PowerPoint and Access preferred.

Valid Driver's License required.

To complement the salary, SEPTA offers an excellent benefits package, which includes Medical, Prescription, Dental, and Vision coverage as well as a free employee pass on all modes of SEPTA Transportation.

If you wish to apply for this position, just click on the "Apply to This Job" link at the top and bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

SEPTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity