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 Job Information 
  Job Title: # 7010- Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance
  Category: Professional/Management
  Career Center: External
  City/Town: Philadelphia
  Location: Administration Group
  Type of Assignment: Permanent
  Position Type: Full Time
  Start Date: 9/23/2013
  End Date: 10/7/2013

 Additional Information 
  Degree Required: None
  Years of Work Experience: 0

 Job Description 
SEPTA is seeking a Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance.

This position is being re-posted. If you've already applied, please do not re-apply.

This position is located in our center city headquarters. The successful candidate will have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance or a related field and a minimum of ten (10) years of experience in any combination of Grant Compliance, Contract Administration or Procurement with a minimum of five (5) years in a supervisory capacity. Experience may be considered in lieu of a degree.

The salary range is between 91K to 114K

This position is being re-posted. If you previously applied, please do not re-apply.


Ensures that all internal policies, procedures and contractual documents are in full conformance with government regulations and are practiced in a consistent and controlled
manner; implements and maintains a Quality Assurance/Subcontracts Management and Vendor Performance Program utilizing proper risk management principles, updates
standard form contracts to create reasonable contract instructions and terms; implements and maintains a consistent and efficient. Assists and supports the DBE Program Office in
all matters of compliance with the regulatory requirements. Supports IT in the development, implementation, and maintenance of various automated, financial, budgetary, and administrative systems and/or programs to support and enhance Departmental activities in
response to SEPTA patron, internal user, governmental, and supplier community needs. Develops, plans and manages an Authority-wide program to ensure compliance with federal, state and local funding agency, regulations and requirements.


I. Contract Grant Compliance

1) Ensures the Authority fully complies with all funding agency regulations and requirements as to minimize the potential loss of grant funds.

2) Reviews all standard form contracts utilizing proper risk management principles, procurement manual policies and procedures and standard purchasing practices to ensure compliance with all applicable governmental regulations to create downward pressure on pricing and to avoid claims.

3) Develops and coordinates proper safeguards and dissemination of standard form contract documents to ensure that no misapplications or changes are made without proper approval.

4) Oversees the negotiations and drafting of funding and project agreements with local municipalities, including the City of Philadelphia. Reviews and advises SEPTA staff as to the ramifications and acceptability of federal and state funding agreements.

5) Assists in the preparation of periodic status reports to funding agencies relating to progress of funded projects.

6) Develops justification to gain Federal and State concurrence in the settlement of claims and the use of funding source.

7) Assists in entertaining, reviewing and responding to audits and reviews conducted by third party or funding agencies relative to contract issues and policies.

8) Participates in the Standard Form Contract Committee. Such Committee is tasked with reviewing, updating and implementing changes to SEPTA's Standard Form Contracts in consideration of funding agency changes or evolving knowledge.

9) Assists User Departments in integrating unique requirements into SEPTA's Standard Form Contracts without compromising governmental regulations or SEPTA's Procurement Manual.

10) Oversees the maintenance of a master file on progress and completion of capitally funded projects. Monitors and assists in the proper completion and close out of capital grants.

11) Oversees the monitoring of third party certified payrolls in conformance with federal and state funding agency requirements.

II. Quality Assurance/Vendor Performance

1. Implements a quality control program to ensure high ratings in Audits.

2. Conducts pre-solicitation reviews of major procurements for Federal/State/Local compliance.

3. Conducts pre-solicitation review with a risk management/claims avoidance perspective to effectuate downward pressure on pricing and to minimize claims and change orders.

4. Oversees the execution of major milestones and subcontracts on major procurements in an effort to avoid claims and delays.

5. Obtains copies of major subcontracts on major procurements to ensure that prime contracts' terms and conditions flow down.

6. Implements and maintains a Vendor Performance Program for Purchasing & Resource Control and Supply Chain Management Section.

7. Oversees quantitative measurements and rating system for vendor performance.

8. Develops qualitative measurements and rating system for vendor performance.

9. Issues standard correspondence alerting vendors of performance issues.

10. Suspends vendors who fall below a predetermined rating.

11. Augments Vendor Performance Program to the Contract Administration Section.

III. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise Program Compliance

1. Interprets federal regulations pertaining to the DBE Program certification procedures establishing annual goals,contract goals, DBE reporting requirements and language/ clauses for DBE participation compliance in Standard Form Contracts.

2. Assists the DBE Program Office as a participant at the PA Unified Certification Program (PAUCP) in all matters pertaining to program and regulatory compliance.

IV. Global

1. Manages the Support Services staff to assure maximum utilization of personnel and material resources consistent with the needs of all operating and administrative elements of the Department. Determines opportunities for augmenting or replacing procurement staff duties with support personnel.

2. Administers several initiatives and programs that are the responsibility of the Department including Electronic Procurement System (e-Procurement), the purchasing card activity (P-cards) and the stockless stationary contract.

3. Reviews and prepares responses to all funding agency requests. Similiarly, prepares required concurrence or informational correspondences to funding agencies.

4. Assists immediate manager in other assignments as requested.

5. Makes presentations to Board and/or Board Committees.

6. Performs other duties as required/assigned.


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance or a related field and a minimum of ten (10) years of experience in any combination of Grant Compliance, Contract Administration or Procurement with a minimum of five (5)years in a supervisory capacity required.

An equivalent combination of experience and education (i.e., two (2) years of related experience, equating to one (1) year of formal post high school education) may be considered in lieu of the above requirements.

Legal background/experience preferred.

Ability to offer strategic plans and thoughts analysis of current processes and procedures, diagnosis of potential areas of deficiency or vulnerability, development and implementation of solutions to improve efficiencies, controls or cost savings.

Proven ability to serve a large, diverse group of internal and external customers.

Proven experience working with Senior Management in different functional areas of the organization required.

Ability to manage a large diverse team of individuals in accomplishing a wide-range of goals and objectives required.

Experience working with outside suppliers, interested parties or funding agencies in addressing questions and concerns required.

Excellent oral and written communication skills required.

Excellent analytical skills required.

This position is being re-posted. If you previously applied, please do not re-apply.