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 Job Information 
  Job Title: #5756 - Mail Messenger
  Category: Miscellaneous
  Career Center: External
  City/Town: Philadelphia
  Location: Administration Group
  Type of Assignment: Permanent
  Position Type: Full Time
  Start Date: 3/1/2013
  End Date: 3/5/2013

 Job Description 
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the sixth largest transportation company in the nation, has an immediate opening for a Mail Messenger in our Real Estate Department.

Starting salary: $11.04/hour

We offer a competitive benefits package.

Free employee transportation pass good on all SEPTA vehicles.


1. PREPARES, DELIVERS and PICKS-UP inter-office mail to twenty-four (24) Authority locations daily (including special night mail deliveries), as well as, two (2) additional locations twice per week. PROCESSES mail received from other locations on a daily basis. DELIVERS and PICKS-UP internal mail on a continuos basis throughout the 1234 Market facility.

2. WEIGHS and METERS all outgoing U.S. Postal Mail. DELIVERS and
PICKS-UP to and from the U.S. Post Office daily. PROCESSES certified, insured, registered and special handling mail as the need arises. SIGNS for and DELIVERS special U.S. Postal Express packages to addressees immediately.

3. PROCESSES checks from Finance Department for mailing to vendors, hospitals and/or other large volume mailings promptly. PRIORITIZES other duties around large volume mailings.

4. REDIRECTS internal and U.S. Postal Mail which is improperly addressed.

5. STARTS UP and OPERATES reproduction equipment machines for high volume work requests. TROUBLESHOOTS inoperable copier machines prior to placing service calls. RECORDS down time, REPLENISHES copy and fax machine ink and other supplies at central copy room, as well as at all satellite copy rooms throughout the facility. ASSISTS new users when required.

6. UTILIZES the personal computer and WordPerfect Program to CREATE and MAINTAIN up-to-date employee inter-office mailing lists.

7. SIGNS FOR, RECORDS and DELIVERS office supplies received from storeroom to any addressee in the building.

8. VISUALLY INSPECTS mail delivery vehicle, including checking of fuel/oil gauges before removing vehicle from property. REPORTS any damage in accordance with related Authority Policy/Instruction when necessary. SCHEDULES with the proper individual any maintenance necessary.

9. Other miscellaneous duties as directed, including SORTS and ROUTES facsimile materials received at the central copy room, RECORDS daily meter readings for postage machine, LOGS certified mail and special handling materials.


* High School Diploma or equivalent.

* Possess current, valid driver's license. Must have a two (2) year record of safe driving.

* Mailroom/office experience preferred.

* Must successfully complete all pre-employment qualification tests at SEPTA's Testing Center.

* Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.